Coming in July 2019

All the resources you need to step into power as a co-creator of your reality and catapult yourself into the journey of returning to your authentic self: $25 / month.



Why a membership?

When I started my service based business, I was so moved by the thought of helping people, of exposing them to their power as an energetic being on this earth and waking them up to their limitless potential to change their lives and manifest every single thing they want in this lifetime.

But, offering 1:1 coaching to women felt limiting. How could I work with no more than 5 souls at a time, for 3 months only, in order to create a powerful transformation? How could I limit the spread of my message in such a way. Yes, everyone starts somewhere, but MY vision was diluted by doing things the way everyone else was doing them.

So, this is where the membership was born. (And, if we’re being completely honest, it was an idea born years ago that i pushed away because “I won’t have the volume of members I need” - ahh, the infamous ego, hello there!)



What does membership include?

Virtual Mentorship - I’m here to be a guide on your journey to learning about yourself, who you came here to be and why you’re here. Virtual mentorship will come in the form of live videos, once a month, where I answer questions about specific spiritual topics. You ask, I listen and answer. I’ll also be diving into the Akashic Records to ask spiritual Masters, Leaders and Loved Ones for guidance on how to answer your questions.

Access to Virtual Events - these events will be open to the public, but non-members will have to purchase tickets. Virtual events will be any and everything from live masterclasses with amazing guests, new moon circles, full moon circles, and whatever else my soul calls me to do - all catered towards topics within the realm of spirituality.

Access to The Records - as I create more content (video, workbooks, mini courses) you’ll have unlimited access to it ALL in the Records - a virtual library, so to speak, where you can peruse all the content as a member. The records will be constantly updated with content you can use to help you on this journey.

Exclusive Member Lounge - We already have the Manifest Daily FB Group, but members shall also be invited to the Manifest Daily Member Lounge. Not only will I be in there answering specific questions, but you can also network with other members who are taking the same courses, or watching the same masterclasses as you!

Exclusive Merch Discount - cause I always wanted to create cute spiritual merch, so I’m doing it. You’ll get a discount on all merch orders as a member!



When does this launch?

Late July. I’m working behind the scenes to get everything ready. I’f you’d like to join the waitlist for the membership launch, you’ll find the link below!