Dheandra Jack is a spiritual AF business coach and top-rated podcast host.

She helps visionary women ditch the monotonous 9-5 that’s not serving them, step into their power as a co-creator of their reality and build massively powerful, soul-aligned service-based businesses.

She is the creator of the free online course Boss Up: Master Your Mindset to Create the Reality You Prefer, which helps women tap into ways to ditch their limiting beliefs, finally own their power as a co-creator and boss up in their life and business!

Dheandra is also the host of Ascend: Spirituality, Mindset and Business Design podcast, a top-rated career and spirituality podcast that dives into 3 pillars necessary for rewiring your subconscious, stepping into your role as a powerful creator and building an impactful and purposeful business that allows you the freedom to live an abundant life on your terms

You can find Dheandra on, on Facebook in her group The Co-Creator’s Club and on Instagram @DheandraNicolette.