WHO EVEN ARE YOU // Being Yourself, Messages From The Universe + YOUTUBE!

Show Notes: This one is JUICY. Yes bish, like every other episode!! Gran ya water, wine, hot chocolate or tequila and get ready to chat about YouTube, getting nudges (AKA huge a$$ signs) from the universe, how to be yourself, how to stop letting the world tell you how to live ya life and SO much more. I told you it was juicy… *sips tea*

In this episode we’re talking all about:

- I’m back on YouTube BISH!! Okay, more like back next week, but subscribe, please and thanks - promise we’ll have hot content dropping soon!

- I’m giving away $50 - see how you can win below!

- How you can be yourself - and what does being yourself even mean??

- Why you letting society tell you what boxes you need to fit into is ruining your life…

- Why labels suck.


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Hi my loves, I’ve decided to run a fun giveaway for the podcast this month where you can win a $50 Amazon Gift Card or a $50 Sephora Gift Card - your choice! Woo!!!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Share a screenshot of you listening to a recent (or your fave) episode of the Manifest Daily podcast on Instagram via stories or a post and tag me @ DheandraNicolette (You can do this one multiple times for multiple entries)

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I’ll be picking a winner on October 6th!! Good luck and have an amazing weekend my loves!


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