PUT A RING ON IT // Self-Sabotage, Creating Boundaries For Yourself + Committing to Your Goals

Show Notes: Oh helllloooo there baby girllll! Welcome back to another juicy (did somebody say peach rings) episode of the podcast! Today, we’re talking all about what happens when you’re the one sabotaging your goals, desires and entire life.. We’re also talking about why setting boundaries for yourself can be hard, but oh so worth it and also why your failure to follow though on your commitments isn’t as bad as you think…

Y’all ready for this hot ass tea spilled in episode 33?

Thought so. Let’s dive in!

In this episode we’re talking all about:

- Why you keep sabotaging your efforts to be better and do better - can you really overcome self-sabotage?

- How you can change your outlook on commitment, so you don’t completely hate yourself when you break your promises to yourself.

- Why your promise to Sally, Jane and Betty seems to be more important than your promise to yourself to go to the gym this week. Oops.

- Tangent tea - all the shit I talk when I’m just tryna get my life together on the podcast, #NoNotesGang


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