LIFE GOES ON // Entrepreneurship Woes, Long Distance Relationships + Podcast Updates

Show Notes: Hi my loves! It’s Sunday, so the fact that I’m dropping a new episode today…it’s definitely different, but I was excited - what can I say? Today, we’re talking all about some updates to the podcast and why we won’t only be talking manifestation, akashic records, angel numbers and more moving forward, my feelings towards starting a new 9-5 and why I’ve been feeling guilty, and tea about why long distance relationships are lowkey highkey kinda amazing for your growth.

OKURRRR - this episode has all the feels so grab an iced coffee (no whip, plz), pop ya feet up on the couch and let’s tune into a much overdue episode 32.

In this episode we’re talking all about:

- My career - yes, here it is again - I wanna give y’all the update on how I’ve been feeling since starting a new 9-5, the good, the bad and the ugly…

- Long distance relationships and why they’re kind good for your growth even though distance from ya manz will always suck

- Updates to the podcast - what you can expect from content moving forward

- WHERE I’VE BEEN - yess betch, I spill the whole tea, spiced extra nice for ya liking!


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