MANIFESTING CAREER CHANGES // How I Used Scripting to Land A New Position

Show Notes: Babyyygirrrlllll it’s Tuesday and we’re back with another HAWT AF episode! Today, we’re talking all about career change cause I wanna give y’all the spicy tea on how I manifested a career change that resulted in a huge salary increase, amazing benefits, shorter commute, amazing work life balance and MORE - all at a company I didn’t even initially apply to.

Bish, WHAT?

Yas, bb - this episode is juicy af so grab your Rice Krispie treats, slap on ya Sephora face mask and let’s dive into episode 31. Woo!

In this episode we’re talking all about:

- The hot af tea on my career journey and how I went from barely being able to pay my car note to manifesting a position where I’ve nearly quadrupled my salary in two years

- How you can use scripting to manifest your best career - and/or business - goals

- Why it pays to know if you’re a specific or non-specific manifestor

-How intuition can be the guiding light to your career goals

-Why I’m excited to start this new 9-5 journey, even though I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart and MUCH MORE!


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