NAVIGATING CHANGE // Responding to Endings, Beginnings and Up-Levels With Grace

Show Notes: The only thing permanent in life is change. So, why does it always feel like navigating change can be tricky, messy, difficult or just plain scary af? Today I’m diving deep into the changes of my life and how I’m navigating them with grace, while learning on the way. This is a super candid, unscripted, sit-down girls chat - or girls and boys chat too ( ; let me know if you like this format because honestly, I kinda prefer how real and raw and just…open it is.

In this episode we’re talking all about:

- Navigating change in life with grace - new beginnings, endings, all the things!

- Why awesome new beginnings in my love life and career had me feeling the need to mourn - and what I was mourning…

- Intuitive nudges, pressure from self, navigating career changes, shifting perspective in career and MORE!


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