Bridging Finance With Divine Feminine Energy to Create A Successful Business!

Meaghan Wall

 Show Notes:

Today we’re chatting Meaghan Wall. Meaghan Walls is the soul behind Sacred Numbers Finance. She is a Virtual CFO, Financial Coach, and Bookkeeper to the slightly woo-woo woman. While working with the freelancer babe to the full fledged spiritual empire, she empowers them to focus their energies on changing the world while she holds space for their money. Meaghan wants you to know that you are loved and you are worth it. Whatever “it” is.

// In this episode we discuss:

-How Meghan found herself from the road to Tesla CFO to building her own business instead.

-Meghan’s best tips for bridging the masculine energies surrounding money and finance with that of the feminine.

-What Meghan does to keep her soul nurtured, while running a successful finance business.

// Meaghan’s Info:

You can find Meaghan’s Website here.

You can find Meaghan on Instagram @sacrednumbersfinance.

// My Info:

You can find me on Instagram @DheandraNicolette

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