How to Create A Wildly Successful Online Business With Kelly Trach


Show Notes:

Today we’re chatting with global business coach, top-rated podcast host and best-selling online educator, Kelly Trach. Kelly helps people build heart-centered digital businesses, live the laptop life, make money through passive income, and earn 6-figures by pursuing their passion.

Kelly is also the host of The Kelly Trach Show, a top-rated self-help podcast that features high profile guests from around the globe and where thousands of listeners tune in on the daily.

She has been celebrated with 19 different awards, including a Top 20 under 20 award and has been recognized by the Canadian Federation of Women and The Minerva Foundation.

// In this episode we discuss:

- Kelly’s story and how she went from having 3 failed startups to creating a multiple 6-figure business

-What were some of her limiting beliefs when she started her business and how she overcame them

-Kelly’s best money mindset tips for entrepreneurs just getting started

-A KEY piece of wisdom that Kelly picked up from a mentor in the very beginning that has changed her outlook on taking fear filled leaps in life (this one was SO GOOD!!)

// Kelly’s Info:

You can find Kelly’s Website here.

You can find Kelly on Instagram @KellyTrach

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You can find me on Instagram @DheandraNicolette

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