THIS Is Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working

THIS Is Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working

Show Notes:

Today we’re talking all about affirmations and specifically why your affirmations aren’t working. I feel like so many people are talking about affirmations these days because it’s becoming more and more widely known and understood how important mindset is when it comes to achieving the outcomes you want and living the life you prefer. But at the end of the day, if you’re not focusing on a few key things I chat about in today’s episode, you’re just wasting your breath saying those affirmations day in and day out…

In this episode we’re talking all about:

- Why repeating your affirmations 100x a day isn’t the most effective strategy

- How actions play a part in getting your affirmations to be effective

- Why your brain(wave) state matters when trying to use affirmations in your life

- Why you need to join my FB group to get all the inside tea on manifestation cause I am SPILLING it all in there, girl!


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