Manifesting a 6-Figure Business With Kimberley Wenya

Kimberley Wenya

Show Notes:

Today we’re chatting with manifestation and mindset coach, Kimberley Wenya. Kimberley went from $400 months as a student to building and manifesting a 6-figure business as a full-time student. On today’s episode we talk all about manifestation, limiting beliefs, mindset shifts and HOW exactly Kimberley stumbled into this world of manifestation and real-life magic. This is definitely a juicy one, y’all!

In this episode we discuss:

- Kimberley’s story and HOW she went about manifesting a 6-figure business as a full time student

-What were some of her limiting beliefs when she started her business and how she overcame them

-Her best advice for someone looking to pursue their passion and live their dream - Chanel bags optional, but TOTALLY encouraged!

Kimberley’s Info:

You can find Kimberley’s Website here.

You can find Kimberley on Instagram @KimberleyWenya

Read more of Kimberley’s story here.

My Info:

You can find me on Instagram @DheandraNicolette