Dheandra Nicolette About Me

Hey, I’m dheandra!

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I’m a spiritual leader, podcaster and your reminder that there’s more to life than just existing, surviving and always working towards a better tomorrow.

I would describe myself as a spiritual being, an embodiment of love and light, having a human experience. A spiritual being who decided to remember who she is and who she has always been.

Dheandra Nicolette About Me

A being who decided to follow her inner knowing and embark on a journey to live in her purpose.

For the longest time I subscribed to social norms, societal pressures and found myself striving to achieve the life that I thought I SHOULD have.

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and I knew I was meant for a path different than the one identified with climbing the ladder at a traditional corporate 9-5…

….but I played into the fear of not being successful and the lie that betting on yourself wasn’t as stable or guaranteed as betting on someone else (by working for a company).

So, I did what I thought I was supposed to do.

I secured the graduate degree, I landed the full time job, and I woke up each morning desperately trying to find meaning in the cycle I’d found myself stuck in.

I was working 50-60 hour weeks, trading my precious time for money that hardly covered my bills (even though I was living at home).

I was falling into a deep depression because I felt like this couldn’t be what I’d worked so hard to achieve, but yet...it was my reality.

I was lost, unfulfilled, angry and frustrated that I’d found myself in this place…

Yet, on the outside, it looked like I was killing it: working in the industry I loved on huge campaigns with well known brands and influencers.

This was it.

I should have been happy. I should have been fulfilled. I should have been living the dream.


Except when my world turned upside down and I found myself fired from this “amazing” position, I knew I had to make a choice:


Choice #1 : Subscribe to the belief that I was a failure and would never get to live the dream life I’d always imagined myself living or own the business that I saw myself owning


Choice #2 : Accept this as the best thing that could have happened to me.


I chose Choice #2.

I chose to believe that this event was the start of something new:

  • Getting fired meant that the universe was no longer giving me a pass to play small.

  • Getting fired meant that I had a fresh start.

  • Getting fired meant that my vision for the life I was meant to live was now closer to being my reality.

I was done accepting the fact that this was all I’d ever do.

I was done letting fear hold me in a comfortable place.

I was done ignoring the nudges that kept secretly telling me I was meant for more.

I didn’t take the leap of faith…

I was PUSHED because the universe KNEW that I’d be forced to choose falling or flying.

Dheandra Nicolette About Me

I chose to change my mindset.

I chose to lean towards my faith in the universe and faith in myself.

I chose to step into the authentic version me, so that I could call forth every single blessing meant for me.

And making these choices has been some of the the best decisions I have ever made.  

The day I walked out of my first full-time job with no hope of ever returning, I felt a wash of relief over me as I caught myself looking at the clock at exactly 11:11AM.

It was my sign that I was being guided by the universe and my higher self...

And it was a sign that this ending was the beginning of a great new chapter.

I remember going home that day and pulling out my sage from the depths of my closet  - it had been a while since I’d used it - saging my entire house, and opening the kitchen screen door to let the smoke out, even in the dead of winter.

I remember pulling out my tarot cards, asking for guidance and the “Magician” card flying out to remind me that I was always creating my reality and that this setback was only a setback if I chose to see it that way.

My faith in myself was restored and I felt reborn again.

Since that day, I feel so aligned to my purpose as a teacher, a mentor and a guide for women who are exactly where I was and who aspire to change their mindset, embrace their authentic self and completely own their role as a spiritual, energetic being.

Since choosing faith I’ve:

  • Strengthened my relationship with the universe and my higher self and internalized the fact that I am always being guided and always on the right path in my life and business

  • Have had the pleasure to guide a handful of other trusting, faithful and open women and help them harness their power, stop playing small and take huge strides towards the business goals meant for them

  • Have grown a community of over 2,400 people that follow my inspiring content on Instagram and listen to my podcast

  • Have created immense value through my coaching practice quickly turned membership site

  • … and have woken up for the past year feeling so completely aligned, so completely grateful and so completely ready to receive all the abundance, love and blessings meant for me.

So, if you’re ready to take the leap and remember that you always knew how to fly, I’m here to help guide you. Click here to see how we can make it happen.