Hey Girl!

Let me guess… another week has gone by and you’ve still found yourself on the hamster wheel of life, doing the same thing day in and day out at work, Googling “how to start a successful online business” and frustrated your goals seem so out of reach.


  • Frustrated with the fact that you keep playing small and settling for the job that doesn’t light you up, when you have an idea for your business

  • Afraid of the change that needs to be made in order for you to level up in life as the boss babe you’re meant to be

  • Petrified of getting stuck in your 9-5 forever, never living your dream life, and never taking your life and business to great heights

Say less, girl. I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling because I’ve been there.

I’m Dheandra.
And for the last 3 years I found myself living a mundane life, struggling to find meaning in my day to day, work and relationships.

I went to a competitive university, a top graduate school and found myself at the end of the tunnel with two degrees and a full time job in my field wondering why none of it felt aligned.

I was depressed. I was completely confused. I felt unfulfilled.

Dheandra Nicolette 1 1 Coaching

I felt unfulfilled because…

  • I was frustrated with the feeling that I was playing small in my life knowing I didn’t want to be okay with the just “good enough” job.

  • I wanted to change my life, step into my power and be my own boss, but found myself settling for the same old, comfortable routines.

  • I knew I had a purpose and my life had more meaning… but I didn’t know what that was exactly.

…And worst of all, I was so afraid that I’d end up settling in my life and settling with my business - never allowing myself to receive the blessings I envisioned.

Settling was probably my biggest fear.

Sound familiar?

If so, then you probably also know what it feels like to….

  • Wake up each day, making your way to the same old job, at the same old desk, wondering “Is this all there is?”

  • Envision your business goals as plain as day, then wonder “Do I really have what it takes to make this my reality?”

  • Feel the call that you are meant for more, but lack the clarity and the faith that you can truly create this thriving business and this amazing life

Girl, trust me.

I get it.

But after being fired from my first full-time job, finding myself on the brink of either a complete meltdown or choosing faith…

I chose to have faith.

I chose to have faith in the universe.

I chose to have faith and listen to my inner nudges.

And I chose to have faith in my path and purpose.

Dheandra Nicolette 1 1 Coaching

I was done playing small.

I was done walking in fear and not trusting that I could be the boss business woman I saw myself being.

I was done setting the bar low for myself in my career and my life.

I was done letting life happen to me and forgetting what a powerful co-creator I am.

I was done ignoring the nudges from the universe and my higher self to start the business that I kept feeling called to start.

So I decided to choose everything on the other side of fear.

I decided it was time to step into the version of myself that had been calling out to me.

I decided to remember who the f*ck I am - who I was MEANT to be - and claim every single blessing meant to manifest in my life and business.

Dheandra Nicolette 1 1 Coaching

Since then, I’ve ….

  • Embraced spirituality a lot more, strengthened my relationship with my higher self and internalized the fact that I am always being guided by the universe and always on the right path.

  • Allowed myself to step into my power, follow my intuition and become a spiritual business coach - a title that feels so damn aligned!

  • Built an organic tribe of +2k followers, subscribers and listeners on Instagram and my podcast that consistently convert into soulmate clients and sales.

And most importantly, I’ve made it my personal mission to help other women just like you stop playing small, stop settling for the monotonous 9-5 and the shit not serving you and TRULY step into their power as a co-creator of their reality, so they can manifest every single dream business and life vision they are MEANT to have.


I know you.

And I know that you’ve been searching for help...for an answer...for a sign...

Well, here you go.

This is it.

It’s time to:

  • Step into the next level version of you...the boss ass business woman you see yourself being, because yes, she does exist and you can be her

  • Stop settling for less (that cubicle we know you hate) than because you’re afraid to demand more for yourself in life

  • Ditch the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from creating the business calling out to your soul

  • Release the fear that you do not have what it takes to create a soul-aligned business that fuels your heart and your bank account

  • Ditch the hustle and lack mentalities, so you can lean into aligned the actions of manifesting your dream business

  • Mix the feminine energy of manifestation and co-creation with the masculine energies of systems and strategy to create a powerfully successful business

  • And reclaim your power as a the energetic co-creator that you are in this grand old universe!

But, I also know this:


  • Tired of trying to get to the next level and finding yourself stuck in the same old routine, the same old thoughts, the same old reality

  • Feeling stuck in your life, running on the hamster wheel, chasing dollars and doing work that does not serve you

  • Afraid of the unknown, afraid of change, and afraid of truly owning your power because you don’t know what comes with that territory

  • Unsure if you can actually have the life you want or create the business envision yourself owning

  • Wondering whether or not the universe truly does have your back...

That’s where I come in.

I’m here to help you ditch those beliefs holding you back, leverage the masculine and feminine energies of this universe, and create the soul-aligned business that has been calling to you.

Applications are currently closed. However, I will be launching my Manifest Daily Membership in late July. Learn more about it here.



During my coaching I’ll give you the inside scoop on all the detailed spiritual practices and rituals to infuse into your business and life routine in order to help you enter a flowing relationship where you’re co-creating with the universe. You’ll learn how to master your energy, tap into your intuition, the immense wisdom of your higher self and the universe, so you can ultimately manifest your preferred reality.


I’m not just another spiritual business coach who tells you to think it, believe it and wait for it to happen. As a certified NLP Practitioner, I’ll introduce powerful reprogramming techniques that’ll help you up level your mindset by ditching beliefs that do not serve you, ultimately allowing you to shift your identity. Mixed with the spiritual practices and business design, mindset shifts are powerful and truly allow you to change your perception, thereby changing your life.

business DESIGN

In our work together we’ll create a roadmap for crafting the business you desire to manifest - all on your terms. We’ll work together to implement the systems and strategies that will have you on track to creating a beautifully aligned and massively powerful business. While I love spirituality and mindset work, I really make sure to focus on the masculine energy strategies in our work together as well - so you gain complete confidence in the foundation you’re building in your business.

Dheandra Nicolette 1 1 Coaching

here’s what you’ll get as a client:

  • A personalized 1:1 coaching plan tailored to give you every single step you need on your path to creating and launching a powerful af, soul-aligned business

  • 8 x 60 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions over the course of 3 months through ZOOM, so you don’t feel rushed during this massive uplevel

  • All of our sessions recorded for you to keep, so you have lifetime access to them, anytime and anywhere

  • Unlimited message and voice support via Voxer - call me, beep me, girl, I’m here for YOU!

  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: Lifetime access to upcoming courses that I launch in 2019!

Make no mistake about it: this is your sign.

It’s time.

Your Investment: $2000 USD
Or Monthly Payment Plan of $675 USD for 3 months

Applications are currently closed. However, I will be launching my Manifest Daily Membership in late July. Learn more about it here.

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